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How will economy evolve if BJP coalition wins in 2014 General Election?

Today the most talked about topic is ‘2014 General Election’. If one were to switch on any news channel today, we can be certain of one thing, there are showing either Election debates or what was said by any of the political personality in the course of the day against other political party. In short, there is saturated coverage on election and politics. However one thing that is not covered by the most of the commentators is how the outcome of this election is likely to impact the mood of the nation. In the first of these series, we would try and fill up this gap at least as far as the economy and stock markets go. This week, we are starting by asking ourselves “What if a Centre-Right-BJP led coalition was to win this general election?” Before we start contemplating the possible effect of BJP forming a government at […]

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Quantitative Easing

Quantitative Easing winding up – How it affects the Indian markets?

June 19th, 2013 was a special day. Gold hit a three-year low, the Indian Rupee hit another all-time low against the dollar and the yield on the U.S. 10-years’ Treasury note jumped as high as 2.46%. Well, is Fed’s statement to withdraw its quantitative easing programme by mid-2014 has got anything to do the way Sensex, Nifty and other Asian indices reacted? They should be! As the news about tapering of QE came out in open, equities all across the world started falling, with the Asian indices being hammered the most.  Is this kind of market reaction justified? After all, the news wasn’t a surprise; in fact quite anticipated by the market participants. Since the announcement made in May 2013, by Bernanke, the Indian stock market has shown high volatility. It crashed 383 points on 23rd May, 2013 with the earlier announcement and has further slid 5% since then. The […]

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