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Nifty 4% above Nifty@MRP, past trends suggest a probable correction

What is Nifty@MRP? As investors, we constantly track the Nifty movements. To make investing more profitable and not a game of mere chance, we need a solution, a solution which could help us identify whether the market is grossly depressed or irrationally exuberant. This is exactly what Nifty @ MRP is for! What is the latest value of Nifty@MRP? The Nifty has rallied close to 400 points since the start of the year and managed to breach the psychological 9000 level post budget. This, despite the continuing earnings downgrade in the Dec 14 quarter. What has fuelled this rally? Sentiments have been positive for a while now on expectations of an economic recovery, falling interest rates and hopes of an improving earnings outlook. All this in turn took the FII inflow to the highest level in any year at net $43.5 billion in FY15. Investment in debt was mainly due […]

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Nifty Technical Outlook Post Budget

Nifty is trading in the broader range of 8500-9000 since last 6 months and a lot of Investors are wondering whether it has the strength to further move-up or has it already made a top.  So, here’s a technical perspective on the same.While fundamental analysis is the way to go in identifying reasonable valuations; technical analysis might just aid you in taking those decisions. This technical research article may help us to reasonably identify possible directional cues for Nifty from hereon. As per Technical Analysis, Nifty is in a “Bull Trend”. A Bull trend simply means that Nifty is likely to continue to move up. A bull trend is identified by a series of rallies where each rally exceeds the highest point of the previous rally. The decline between rallies ends above the lowest point of the previous decline. As we can see from the chart below Nifty has been […]

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How would economy evolve and Stock Markets react if a Third Front/Federal Front government is formed?

How would economy evolve and Stock Markets react if a Third Front/Federal Front government is formed?

Throughout the month of March we have been looking at how political outcomes post 2014 General Election. Till now we have seen three possible scenarios. Today we will look at a fourth possible scenario -What if a Third Front/Federal government forms a coalition government after the general election?

And finally we will try tying all these together by building market expectation for the near future.

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Technical Outlook: Currency, Equity & Gold

With lots of trading activity happening in various financial and trading instruments, investors might be wondering about where to invest their surplus income i.e. savings. While fundamental analysis is the way to go in identifying such investments; technical analysis might just aid you in taking those decisions. So, let’s have a look at what technicals have to say about the Indian currency, Nifty and the most favoured metal of all time – Gold! Currency A breakout is seen on USDINR at 54 levels after about 10 years of consolidation. During this phase of consolidation from 2002 to 2012, we have seen gold rallying from close to $250 to above $1,900. As per inter-market analysis, a rising Dollar is bearish for the commodities, especially gold. Now that the gold has made a top at $1,900 and is being in midst of a downtrend, I believe that the USDINR may continue to […]

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FCCB – Is it really cheap for companies?

FCCBs or Foreign Currency Convertible Bonds, as fancy as they may sound, are still a mystery to many.
News and views, time and again, talk about companies issuing or redeeming FCCBs. Many speak of it as a cheap bond, as it enables a firm to raise funds at a lower rate of interest, while others doubt it for having any positive impact on the company’s financials and stability.

But, as is it said: There are no free lunches! While these do seem to be cheap in for the company prima facie, they come at a cost. So, what are these costs that make these cheap FCCBs, ‘not-so-cheap’, eventually? And should you invest in such companies?

Let’s find out…

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