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Where can I invest my money?

Now that you know that you need to invest if you wish to see that Volkswagen Beetle parked in your garage, I’m sure most of you must be in a dilemma as to where do you actually invest your money! The sheer number of financial products which claim to offer you great returns at minimal risk is mind boggling! Combine this with the gibberish information given in their brochures and you will be soon rethinking your decision to invest. The single greatest factor in growing your investment is the rate of return (RoR) you get on your investment and as you will see highest returns are offered by investments that are the most riskiest. Of course there are ways to minimize your risk while maximising your RoR, but more on this later. For starters, let’s see what investment avenues are open to you as a retail investor. Investment Options Available […]

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